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John Edgette

A respected, responsible therapy and counseling practice made up of forward-thinking, personable and highly effective clinicians.


Specialties include:


  • individuals ~ couples ~ sex and marital therapy ~ family counseling
  • kids ~ teens ~ young adults ~ parent consultation
  • hypnosis ~ habit control ~ sport psychology

Dr. Edgette is consulting with clients both nationally and internationally using Facetime and Skype video conferencing in real time. This has been particularly  of interest to his sport psychology clients as well as his sexuality patients. Having an initial session is as easy as 1-2-3: email Dr. John ~ set the appointment ~ have the consult! Payment is easy as well, via PayPal, anytime in advance of the session.

In-person appointments with Dr. John Edgette are available in the Southeast Iowa region of the United States, for individuals and couples, alternative sex therapy, in the areas of sport psychology, etc. Dr. Edgette works with clients of all ages, with almost any psychological problem or symptom.

To schedule an appointment, please call 917-806-1850, or email at: John@EdgetteTherapy.com

Workshops / Seminars - programs open to professionals in health related fields including physicians, doctoral level psychologists and dentists. Programs also open to professionals with mental health related graduate degrees from accredited programs in the above fields.