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The Handbook of Hypnotic Phenomena in Psychotherapy

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The Handbook of Hypnotic Phenomena in Psychotherapy

John H. Edgette, Psy.D. and Janet Sasson Edgette, Psy.D

Despite their clinical utility, hypnotic phenomena are vastly underutilized by therapists in their work with patients. Whether this is due to uncertainty about how to use specific techniques constructively or how to elicit particular phenomena, or anxiety about not being able to obtain a desired result, this volume will guide hypnotherapists toward higher levels of clinical expertise. By describing varied hypnotic phenomena and how they can be used as vehicles of intervention, The Phenomenon of Ericksonian Hypnosis takes the therapist beyond these fundamental applications toward a broader, more sophisticated scope of practice. This immensely readable book addresses the selection, eliciting, and therapeutic use of hypnotic phenomena that are natural outgrowths of trance. It offers step-by-step instruction on eliciting age progression, hypnotic dreaming, hypnotic deafness, anesthesia, negative and positive hallucination, hypermnesia, catalepsy, and other hypnotic phenomena. The book includes specific instruction on how to use the phenomena manifested in trance to provide more effective treatment. Numerous case examples vividly illustrate intervention with anxiety disorders, trauma and abuse, dissociative disorders, depression, marital and family problems, sports and creative performance, pain, hypersensitivity to sound, psychotic symptomatology, and other conditions. The Phenomenon of Ericksonian Hypnosis will be used by therapists as a valuable clinical tool to expand their conceptualizations of hypnosis, and thus enable them to offer a wider repertoire of skills with which they can confidently treat clients.

Winning the Mind Game: Using Hypnosis in Sport Psychology

Winning the Mind Game on Amazon
Winning The Mind Game

John H. Edgette, Psy.D. and Tim Rowan, MSW

Hypnosis is an invaluable tool to quickly and effectively influence the subconscious mind and promote lasting change in athletes. This book contains a wide range of hypnotic interventions and therapeutic techniques and includes:

  • A step-by-step guide for working with athletes
  • Transcripts of successful clinical sport hypnosis interventions
  • Theoretical considerations
  • Working with teams
  • Tips on marketing your sport psychology practice

This is an excellent resource for anyone currently using hypnotherapy in their clinical practice wishing to expand into sport psychology or anyone currently working with athletes from every level who wish to incorporate hypnotic interventions into their practice.