Services Offered

In-person Appointments

In-person appointments with Dr. John Edgette are available in the areas of sport psychology, consultation with individuals and couples, alternative sex therapy, collaborative / consultative psychotherapy, etc. ~ within the range of Desmoines, Iowa City, Chicago, and St. Louis.

To schedule an appointment, please call 917-806-1850, or email at:

Video Conferencing and Telephone Consult

Many situations involving specific problems can be addressed via Facetime, Skype, or phone. This allows clients to contact us from anywhere in the world. Sessions require pre-payment via PayPal 3 days in advance.

E-mail Consult

Consultation via e-mail is available under certain circumstances when specific issues in the areas of parenting, sport psychology, performing arts, psychology, behavioral medicine, sport psychology, sex and marital therapy are being addressed. Sessions require pre-payment via PayPal 3 days in advance.

Workshops & Seminars

Programs open to professionals in health related fields including physicians, doctoral level psychologists and dentists. Programs also open to professionals with mental health related graduate degrees from accredited programs in the above fields.

Marital & Sex Therapy

Of course, all issues regarding LGBTQ population can be addressed.
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Sport Psychology

We combine all the state of the art sport psychology methods with the power of clinical sport hypnosis, if needed and/or desired.
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