May 20, 2012

"Dear John,
Thank you so much for today's presentation. You provided a great deal of information in a fun and provocative way. Please send me the notes from your program.
Thanks again for a great year end program."

Michael Silverman

“John Edgette talks about hypnosis in the matter of fact way that you or I might talk about making a cup of coffee. Simple, easy, a done deal. In our first session he listened carefully to my daughter Jamie speak of 18 agonizing and frustrating months working on the ice 5 hours a day, trying to overcome a jumping block that kept her from being able to move forward in her competitive figure skating career. Then, in just two one hour hypnosis sessions, he was able to re-program Jamie’s focus and redirect her attention and that block disappeared. The results are remarkable. From the very first day, Jamie has been able to practice difficult jumps without hesitation. I am getting daily reports from her coaches noting rapid progress and results that they had been unsuccessful in eliciting for a year and a half. Jamie possessed the skill and ability. Dr. Edgette’s work was the key that unlocked that skill and ability and allowed Jamie to truly be the skater she has worked so hard and so long to be. And all this in just three weeks. It’s magic. Thank you, Dr. Edgette”

Ann Bartholomay

"I was speaking to a friend about your practice and the help that you provided to my son, Lee. (...) Thank you for helping Lee!"

Nancy Stiles